World’s deadliest Earthquake …!

World’s deadliest Earthquake …!

One of the most powerful earthquakes of the century struck southern Turkiye February 6th 2023. There have been two subsequent earthquakes measuring magnitude scale 7.7. and more than 2000 aftershocks and many more are yet to come. Turkiye has declared “level 4” alarm alert state (including an international call for help).

The energy discharge caused by the earthquake was equivalent to 130 atom bomb effect causing 180 km long fault line and 121 km long crack in the earth crust.

The Earthquake has hit 10 cities destroying thousands of buildings, affecting 14 million citizens. The death toll has been more than 29 thousand people and the number of injured has reached 80 thousand so far. These numbers illustrate the magnitude of the disaster.

Turkiye has united as a whole, trying to heal the wounds of the disaster.More than 75 countries have sent humanitarian support in all senses. More than 30 countries’ search and rescue teams are in the region.

IAT extends its gratitude to all the supporting countries and wholeheartedly believes that such disasters enable the world citizenship to create a single world.

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