• Advocates evolution into a society based on informatics as a prerequisite for sustainable development in today’s world.
  • Supports using information technologies in education, defends that computer literacy should be a priority policy.
  • Believes that access of all citizens to services under fair circumstances will be possible via expanding the implementation of informatics.
  • Advocates that private life and the right to correspondence should be respected within context of personal rights and freedoms.
  • Supports the creation of Turkish informatics terminology and increasing Turkish context.
  • Advocates that investments should be done in human resources for more productive and effective staff in the informatics sector.
  • Supports abiding by the international trade, competition and legal rules and using licenced softwares in relation to protecting intellectual property rights.
  • Defends that informatics is a priority area while identifying national technology policies and it should be supported with public resources and projects.
  • Advocates that specific policies should be developped for the production and use of national software, and supports the software to be developped at international standards.
  • Believes that a national informatics sector can only be possible by increasing the opportunities of design, production and exportation.
  • Supports the prioritisation of sensitivity towards health and environment in the production and use of technology.
  • Advocates that international success and leadership can be possible through the production and effective use of informatics technologies, especially software.
  • Defends that professionals from informatisc should comply with principals on social responsibility and professional ethics.
  • Advocates that the IT Professionals should behave accordance with the principles of social responsibility and professional ethics.
  • Supports competition in favour of public interest, doesn’t compete commercially with any real or legal person.
  • Advocates the improtance of coopeartion with international agencies.