Tayfun ACARER - Turkish Informatics Association (TBD)

After graduating from the Department of Electronics and Communication at Istanbul Technical University, he received his Master's degree from Istanbul University in 1992, became a Doctor in 1995 and an Assistant Professor in 2016.
During this period, he worked first in a private company, then as a Manager in PTT and Türk Telekom AŞ Radio Directorate, Deputy General Manager and Board Member in Coastal Safety General Directorate, Chairman of the Authority and Chairman of the Supreme Board in Telecommunications Supreme Board and Information Technologies and Communication Supreme Board.

Tayfun ACARER, who has been lecturing at many universities since 1995, when he completed his doctorate education, is currently teaching 11 different courses at 8 different universities.

Tayfun ACARER, who has published 7 books in the field of Informatics and Maritime Communication, is currently the Chairman of the Seafarers Board at the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure, Board Member at the Cyprus Coastal Safety General Directorate, Evaluation Board Member and Sector Consultant at Istanbul Technical University Arı Technopark Center.

Tayfun ACARER, who also serves as Advisory Board Member at Istanbul Technical University and Board Member at Tübitak UME, has articles and papers published in many local and foreign journals.

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