Branch Introduction


Prof. Dr. Mustafa KARABATAK
Elazığ Şube YK Başkanı

For 52 years, the Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) has been working tirelessly and with great devotion towards the realization of the aspiration for a modern, prosperous Turkey. Founded in 1971 with a great vision of the future, our Association has today become a pioneering movement of "Civil Society" with members from all layers of society, working to spread the Informatics Culture for the healthy development of our country. In 1994, TBD was granted the status of Public Benefit Association and continues to make significant contributions to the informatics sector with its more than 13 thousand members, its widespread organization as branches in 10 cities and TBD youth organization in 33 universities.

TBD Elazığ Branch was established on October 23, 2019.

Everyone who becomes a member of our association will have the opportunity to both closely monitor and influence developments in the sector through TBD relations.

As TBD Elazığ Branch;

  • To create a management model that can work in team spirit and harmony in order to realize its goals within the understanding of continuous development,
  • To be a practitioner of a participatory democratic approach that values the knowledge and opinions of all who wish to contribute,
  • To ensure that all our activities are systematic, rational and effective by mobilizing the internal dynamism of the Association,
  • Growing by sharing and moving forward with participation to succeed,
  • To be an association that is guided by science and reason, progressive, transparent and uncompromising on ethical values,
  • To increase communication, interaction and solidarity among members,
  • As an association, to create platforms where the truth is discussed without taking sides,
  • We want to unite the Informatics Sector with all its parties in unity of common goals and provide the longed-for environment.

Being aware of the honorable duty and great responsibility you have given us, we believe that we will achieve our goals with your support.