Branch Working Groups

KOBILİŞİM Working Group

KOBILİŞİM (SME + IT) has adopted the main goal of "adding value to our SMEs with IT".
The future of SMEs in our country rises on the back of 4 basic elements.

1. Producer SMEs,
2. Trade & Marketing SMEs,
3. Service sector SMEs,
4. Entrepreneurs & Students who are the SMEs of the future.

Our Working Group organizes joint seminars and trainings with Universities, Technoparks, Organized Industrial Zones, Professions, tradesmen, chambers of industry and commerce to touch these elements and create awareness by guiding them, and to gain and contribute to our citizens and the national economy.

Education and Awareness Working Group

It plans and announces information and seminars in the fields of career, personal development, technical, information security, information security, law in informatics and similar fields, which are suitable for our members and society, aiming to bring together new developing technology and visionary studies with the sector, young people and informaticians. It organizes seminars on informatics, technology, cyber security and other presentations needed for students, lecturers and parents in schools. It collects, plans and plans the work of our members who want to share information, presentations and visionary issues on these issues, and carries out the work of notifying the members and announcing them on social media and other channels.

Congress, Event Organization Committees Working Group

Istanbul Informatics Congress, CIO Vision, Smart Cities, Informatics Stars, etc. is a group that works to prepare and organize events regularly every year. It is supported by many institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations every year. 1 or 2 day events are organized. In the congress, studies will be carried out on information technology trends that force organizations to change and make life easier today and future technologies that will affect e-Transformation in the future.

TBD Young Working Group

It carries out active activities with universities in the youth organization of TBD to bring informatics to young generations. To ensure that young people studying and working in the field of informatics in Turkey are more beneficial to national development and science in informatics with more effective information, to raise awareness and create synergy in developing professional solidarity and creating common solutions to problems. TBD will plan and carry out trainings, seminars and awareness-raising activities in accordance with its principles and general vision, organize career days in cooperation with universities to create job opportunities for young people, and encourage young initiatives through entrepreneurship projects and competitions.

Member Relations Development Working Group

Carries out studies and plans to increase the satisfaction and continuity of registered members and the number of new members. Carries out activities to update and enrich member information, plans activities to strengthen interactive communication with members, publishes TBD's announcements, notices and events to keep members informed about new developments. Identifies the problems faced by the members, reports them to the Board of Directors and works for their resolution. Makes announcements for members to participate in active working groups.

Law and Informatics Working Group

It was established to enable the lawyers who are members of our association to work on legal issues in the field of informatics and to share these studies with each other and with non-lawyer members. In addition to ordinary meetings, there are trainings organized by lawyers among themselves, trainings organized by IT members for lawyers and trainings organized by lawyers for non-lawyer members. The association annually supports the IT Law Congress organized by TBD and organizes events in Istanbul. In addition, presentations on IT law are made at IT events organized by the association and articles are sent to the association's publications.

Social Activities Working Group

It carries out activities to organize, plan and carry out trips, observations and social activities in order to increase social relations between the members of the association and volunteer sector employees. Various social events such as dinners, cocktails, sightseeing tours, special seminars, etc. are organized for our members to meet each other and create a social environment.

Data Science Working Group

It is known that information is the most important and valuable resource in the age we live in, which is called the information society. By using more information, more added value can be created with less capital and labor. With the leverage power of information, organizations and countries want to make more use of information in order to gain competitive advantage and make predictions for the future. The most important source of information is data. Especially today, increasing data sources that can be collected from everywhere have led to the concept of "Big Data" and the discovery of hidden information based on this big data has led to the discipline of data mining. On the other hand, machine learning, which includes learning algorithms based on data, has become one of the most important topics of data mining.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Conducts and publishes original studies on the understanding, dissemination and development of Digital Transformation.

Disaster Informatics Working Group

Our Disaster Informatics Working Group has been established to combine science with informatics, to deliver the right information quickly, to inform and raise awareness about the most effective use of informatics in disaster situations. Our Working Group participation link is below.

Our main goal is to inform our society and institutions, raise awareness and prepare reports within the scope of pre-disaster precautions and awareness, pre-disaster and post-disaster activities by combining science, solutions and information infrastructure.

We are waiting for all our members and volunteers who are dedicated to this issue, who want to participate in our working group, which we will form with our officials who are experts in the field of informatics and disaster, and who want to support us.