Antalya Branch

Branch Introduction

Founded in 1971 in Ankara, the Antalya Branch of the Turkish Informatics Association completed all the establishment work and held its first General Assembly in February 2009 and started its activities by electing the necessary organs. Prof.Dr.Osman Saka, Mehmet Akyelli, Canan Başer, Uğur İnal, Yılmaz Vural, Ahmet Heman and Ersen Gençaslan were elected to the first Board of Directors of the Antalya Branch, while Attorney Ali Fuat Özbakır, Buket Doğan and Suat Bayraktar were elected to the Audit Board. In the first meetings of the Boards, Mehmet Akyelli was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Attorney Ali Fuat Özbakır was elected as the Chairman of the Audit Board.

The Antalya Branch, whose geographical responsibility will cover the provinces of Antalya, Isparta, Burdur and Muğla, is expected to contact the Antalya Branch to transfer the registrations of all TBD members in these provinces to the Antalya Branch. The primary task of our Branch, which will try to promote and implement all the principles of TBD in the region, will be to develop a member profile that will undertake the mission of development of the region with informatics.

In order to contribute to the formation of national consciousness towards becoming an information society, to the determination of national informatics policies, and to the clarification of our professional solidarity and organized attitude, we invite everyone who is interested in computers and whose path passes through information to become a member of our association.

Remember, everyone who becomes a member of our association will have the opportunity to closely monitor and influence developments in the sector through TBD relations.

Become a Member of TBD

Make Your Contribution to Becoming an Information/Information Society in Turkey and the Region


The Turkish Informatics Association (TBD), which was founded in 1971 almost immediately after Turkey was introduced to informatics by a semi-academic community, which we can call informatics professionals today, with a great vision of the future, has now turned into a "Civil Society" pioneering movement that tries to spreadthe"Informatics Culture" with its members from all layers of society.

The number of its members has exceeded 9,500 today. TBD continues to make significant contributions to the development of the IT sector with its seven branches, 12 provincial representatives and TBD-Youth organizations in 33 universities. TBD was granted the status of 'Public Benefit Association' in 1994 with the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Our congresses and events, which started with nearly 100 participants in a single hall, have reached a size that cannot fit in congress centers with 11 halls and 8,513 registered and over 500 unregistered participants.

The reports, recommendations and independent discourse produced by the Informatics Association of Turkey through its structure based on individual participation and volunteerism are now taken into consideration by all decision-makers and all segments of society.

The most important factor in this success is the interest, trust, support and contribution that our members have shown to our association for years under all circumstances.

The longing of our association since its foundation;

  • A Turkey that produces technology,
  • A society that can use technology to improve its quality of life,
  • A state administration that can use its resources effectively and efficiently,
  • Skilled manpower,
  • By contributing to the creation of an internationally competitive production sector, every citizen can enjoy living in this beautiful country with pride and great honor.