• It argues that transformation into an information society is a prerequisite for sustainable development in today's world.
  • It supports the use of information technologies in education and argues that increasing computer literacy should be a priority policy.
  • Believes that access to services by all citizens with equal rights and conditions will be ensured through the dissemination of informatics applications.
  • Within the scope of personal rights and freedoms, it advocates respect for private life and freedom of communication.
  • Supports the production and use of Turkish informatics terms and the increase of Turkish content.
  • Advocates that IT sector employees should invest in people to be more efficient and effective
  • In terms of intellectual property protection, it supports compliance with international trade, competition and legal rules and licensed use of software.
  • While determining national technology policies, it advocates that the field of informatics should be prioritized and supported with public resources and projects when necessary.
  • It supports the development of specific policies for the production and use of national software and the development of software to international standards.
  • It advocates the importance of compliance with quality standards and prioritization of national software in public IT procurement.
  • It argues that the national IT sector will be possible by increasing design, production and export opportunities.
  • Supports the prioritization of health and environmental sensitivity in the production and use of technology.
  • It advocates that international success and leadership will be possible through the production and effective use of information technologies, especially software.
  • It advocates that IT professionals should act in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and professional ethics.
  • It supports competition by prioritizing the public interest and does not engage in commercial competition with any person or organization.
  • Advocates the importance of cooperation with international institutions and organizations.
    28th Term Board of Directors - December 2009