To ensure the establishment of a common language of communication and the development of economic and technological relations within the Turkic world and to ensure the use of Turkish IT terms such as informatics, computer, software, hardware, which have been added to the vocabulary of our language, and IT terms of Turkic origin used in other Turkic Republics in the whole Turkic world.

To prepare the Turkic World Common Informatics Terms Guide/Dictionary.


1. To bring together linguists and informaticians in the Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan),

2. To follow the term studies in the field of informatics and linguistics in the Turkic Republics,

3. To hold working meetings to prepare a manual/dictionary of terms in 6 languages in order to reveal common terms,

4. To determine the principles for the preparation of the Guide/Dictionary,

5. To bring together IT terms in 6 languages in line with the determined principles,

6. To prepare a special software for the use of the prepared guide/dictionary in digital environment,

7. To publish the prepared guide/dictionary first on the Internet and then as a book,

8. To exchange views on future activities,

9. Putting forward new projects,