TBD - TÜBİSAD Lifetime Service Award

TBD - TÜBİSAD Lifetime Service Award

"TBD - TÜBİSAD Lifetime Service Award"; This award has been given every year since 1996 in cooperation with the Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) and the Turkish Informatics Industrialists Association (TÜBİSAD) to people who have served and contributed significantly to the Turkish informatics sector for many years.

The proposed candidates are evaluated by the Organizing Committee consisting of 5 (five) members from among the members of the Board of Directors of TBD, 5 (five) members from among the members of the Board of Directors of TÜBİSAD, and those who have received the Lifetime Service Award in the last 5 (five) years, and the result is determined.

(Version 2021/1.0)

Purpose, Scope, Basis, Definitions and Abbreviations


Article 1. The purpose of this directive is to determine the methods and principles regarding the "LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD", which has been given by the Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) and the Informatics Industrialists Association (TÜBİSAD) since 1996, the formation of committees and boards, the determination of candidates and evaluation criteria, and the selection of the candidate to receive the award.


Article 2. This directive covers the rules and conditions for the determination and evaluation of the candidates for the TBD-TÜBİSAD LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD, the selection of the candidate(s) to receive the award, the presentation and announcement of the award, the formation of the Organizing Committee and the Selection Committee (Jury), the criteria to be considered by the selection committee in determining the award recipient and the working principles of the selection committee.


Article 3. The main basis of this directive is the TBD AWARD DIRECTIVE with document number TBD YR.17 and the bylaws and board decisions of TBD and TÜBİSAD and other relevant legislation.

Definitions and Abbreviations

Article 4- The terms used in this directive

Candidate Nominee for the Lifetime Service Award
President TBD and TÜBİSAD Presidents
Association(s) TBD and TÜBİSAD (together or separately)
Organizing Committee Association officials/members assigned to determine the principles related to the award such as nomination and evaluation criteria of the Lifelong Service Award, determination of the selection committee and to establish the award directive, calendar plan and necessary coordination
Selection Committee Members working to determine the candidate to be awarded the award within the framework of the evaluation and selection criteria specified in the award directive
Secretary General Secretary General of TBD and/or TÜBİSAD
TBD Turkish Informatics Association
TÜBİSAD Informatics Industrialists' Association
Member TBD Members and/or individual representatives of TÜBİSAD Members
Board of Directors Boards of Directors of Associations


Formation of Committees/Boards and Nomination of Candidates for the Lifetime Service Award

Article 5. Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee consists of 2 representatives (4 members in total) determined by the boards of directors of the Association. The designated representatives are notified to the other party by the end of February each year.

The Organizing Committee is responsible for the creation and operation of the award calendar and the creation and updating of the Award Directive. The secretariat of the Organizing Committee is carried out by TBD. The members of the organizing committee are informed about all correspondence and developments within the scope of the award.

The Organizing Committee convenes a meeting by the end of March at the latest to establish and coordinate the calendar plan for the Lifetime Service Award to be presented during the calendar year.

Article 6. Selection Committee

Task and composition of the Selection Committee (Jury) : The Selection Committee is the committee in charge of determining the candidate to be awarded the prize.

The selection committee consists of 15 members: 5 (five) members from among the members of the Board of Directors of TBD; 5 (five) members from among the members of the Board of Directors of TÜBİSAD; and the last 5 (five) people to be selected retrospectively from the last person(s) who received the Lifetime Service Award. In case two people have received the award in the last five years, the selection committee member is prioritized alphabetically according to the surname.

The members of the Selection Committee notified by the Associations are determined and communicated to each other by the Boards of Directors of the Associations until the end of June each year.

Lifetime Service Award Evaluation and Selection Processes

Article 7. Nomination (Proposal, Evaluation, Selection)

7.1 Candidate Proposals, Evaluation and Selection

Nominations for the Lifetime Service Award can be made directly by the Directors of the Association, or nominations can be made through methods to be determined by the Directors.

It is preferred that nominees for the Lifetime Service Award should be individuals who meet the following conditions or have the following characteristics:

  • Have not less than 15 years of experience in the IT sector, have created added value, have been innovative and have contributed to the development of the sector,
  • Preferably, they have served in elected association boards, especially in association administrations;
  • They are still active members of the associations (they have not resigned or been suspended from the association for any other reason, they have not been disciplined);
  • They are not currently part of the management team (Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the Board of Directors) of the associations

7.2Evaluation of Candidates

The Organizing Committee obtains/creates/collects the CVs of the candidates submitted by the boards of directors of the Association or by other methods. The detailed CVs of the candidates are taken as basis for evaluation. Other complementary information (academic research, publications, duties and roles in other NGOs, projects realized, studies on legislation, etc.) are also taken into consideration in this evaluation.

7.3 Selection of the Award Recipient

The resumes of the candidates who meet the evaluation criteria are forwarded to the Selection Committee by the Organizing Committee. The Selection Committee individually evaluates the CVs of the award candidates on paper. After each board member evaluates the CVs, the Board comes together in a physical or online meeting. The meeting is held with the participation of at least 9 members out of 15. The selection committee meets until the end of September at the latest. In the field of information and communication technologies, an award is given by the selection committee, taking into account their services to informatics. The meeting is chaired by the oldest member. At the meeting, evaluation and voting is carried out to determine the award winner. Discussions continue until unanimity is reached. It is essential that all members participate in the voting, abstentions cannot be used. Members who cannot attend the meeting must also participate in the voting. The candidate who receives the highest number of votes is awarded. However, if there is a difference of one (1) vote between the candidate with the highest number of votes and the second candidate with the second highest number of votes, both candidates will be awarded. The chairman of the committee notifies the Organizing committee secretariat of the name of the candidate who will receive the award. The name of the award winner is also shared with the organizing committee by the secretariat.

Article 8. Lifetime Service Award

A congratulatory letter is sent to the winner by the association presidents to inform him/her that he/she has won the award. The award winner is also notified by the organizing committee and is invited to attend the award ceremony. The award is presented at the award ceremony organized during the TBD National Informatics Congress. Award winners are expected to make a short speech after the ceremony.

Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Liability and Disclaimer

Article 9. The nomination and awarding process is carried out by the decisions of the TBD and TÜBİSAD Boards of Directors, the Organizing Committee and the Selection Committee members by unanimous vote if possible, or by majority vote if not. These decisions are not binding on the general functioning and policies of the Associations and are limited only to the award process.


Article 10. This Directive shall enter into force on the date of its adoption by the Boards of Directors of the Associations.


Article 11. These principles are executed by the Organizing Committee.

Last update: 07.09.2021

AWARDEES (1996 - 2020)

ROW PERSON Sequence YEAR Area(s) Description
1 1 1996 Prof. Dr. AYDIN KÖKSAL TBD Founding President, member number 1
2 2 1997 Prof. Dr. ERSIN TÖRECİ Former President of TBD
3 3 1998 BÜLENT GÖNÇ Koç Sistem A.Ş. General Manager
4 4 1999 TUNCER UNEY (d. 2005) Former 2nd President of TBD
5 1999 GÜNGÖR GÜNALÇIN (d. 2012) TOFAS
5 6 2000 KAYA KILAN Former President of TBD
6 7 2001 Prof. Dr. ZİYA AKTAŞ Mv. of Parliament
8 2001 Prof. Dr. EROL ARKUN Bilkent Univ.
7 9 2002 NECDET KESMEZ Em. Member of Court of Accounts, Former Board Member of TBD
10 2002 Prof. Dr. ÖNDER ÖZKAZANÇ Anadolu University
8 11 2003 Prof. Dr. NAMIK KEMAL PAK (d. 2015) Former President of TÜBİTAK
12 2003 SAMİ DÖNMEZ (d. 2015) DTM, Retired
9 13 2004 Prof. Dr. ORHAN GÜVENEN Undersecretary of SPO
14 2004 VEDAT ŞENGÜR (d. 2012) One of the Founders of TÜBİSAD, former Board Member
10 15 2005 CENGIZ ULTAV Vestel Group of Companies Executive Committee Member
16 2005 Prof. Dr. AHMET ÜNAL YARIMAĞAN ÖSYM President
11 17 2006 Prof. Dr. ÜMİT KARAKAŞ Former President of TBD
12 18 2007 EMRE BERKİN Consultant MS Former EMEA President.
13 19 2008 M. TINAZ TITIZ Former Minister, TBD Member
14 20 2009 FARUK PHARMACIBASHI TBV President
15 21 2010 Prof. Dr. BÜLENT SANKUR Boğaziçi Univ. Elk.Elktn.Eng. Dept. Lecturer
16 22 2011 Prof. Dr. ESREF ADALI ITU Bs. Eng. Dept. and Head of the Information Technologies Program at the Institute of Informatics
17 23 2012 TUĞRUL TEKBULUT Logo Software General Manager.
18 24 2013 Assoc. Prof. Dr. MUSTAFA AKGÜL (d. 2017) Bilkent Univ., Father of the Internet
19 25 2014 RAHMİ AKTEPE Former President of TBD
26 EROL BİLECİK Former President of TÜBİSAD
20 27 2015 TURGUT GÜRSOY Former President of TÜBİSAD
28 Dr. TAYFUN ACARER Former President of ICTA
21 29 2016 Ş. NEZİH TOWER Former President of TBD
22 30 2017 EMREHAN HALICI TZV President, Former Mv.
23 31 2018 Prof. Dr. M. KEMAL CILIZ Former President of TÜBİSAD
24 32 2019 Emeritus Dr. TUNCER ÖREN Founding President of TBD Careful Turkish Working Group
33 2019 NAZIM ÖZDEMİR Former Vice Chairman of TÜBİSAD
25 34 2020 Prof. Dr. Ali YAZICI Head of Software Engineering Department at Atılım University
35 2020 Erman Kübra KARACA TÜBİSAD Chairman of the Board of Directors
26 36 2021 Atilla KAYALIOGLULU TUBISAD Board Member
37 2021 Prof. Dr. Aydın KOLAT TBD Chief Executive Officer
27 38 2022 Abdullah KÖRNES
39 2022 Ahmet Şefik ÖNGÜN
28 40 2023 Attila ÖZGİT
41 2023 Aslı DERBENT ÖZKAN

Formation of the Organizing Committee: April 3, 2023 - April 14, 2023

Calendar Creation and Directive Amendment: April 17, 2023 - June 30, 2023

Notification to the Organizing Committee of the Representatives to Take Part in the Jury: July 3, 2023 - August 25, 2023

Determination of Candidates by TBD / TÜBİSAD: August 28, 2023 - November 3, 2023

Notification of the Candidates Determined by TBD / TÜBİSAD to the Organizing Committee: November 6, 2023

Meeting with the Jury and Jury Voting Process: November 6, 2023 - December 1, 2023

Kazanan Aday / Adaylara Bildirim: 4 Aralık 2023

Award Ceremony: December 21, 2023 - TBD 40th National Informatics Congress

    • Rahmi AKTEPE - TBD President
    • Ali YAZICI - TBD Vice President
    • Prof. Dr. Ayşegül AK - TBD Board Member
    • Ceyda SÜER - TBD Board Member
    • Nuray BAŞAR - TBD Board Member
    • Başak Kural USLU – TÜBİSAD YK Üyesi
    • Mehmet Ali AKARCA  – TÜBİSAD YK Başkan Yardımcısı
    • Murat BOYLA  – TÜBİSAD YK Başkan Yardımcısı
    • Serdar URÇAR – TÜBİSAD YK Üyesi
    • Yomi KASTRO – TÜBİSAD YK Saymanı
    • Atilla KAYALIOĞLU - 2021 Award Winner
    • Abdullah KÖRNES - 2022 Award Winner
    • Ahmet Şefik ÖNGÜN - 2022 Award Winner
    • Dr. Attila ÖZGİT – 2023 Ödül Sahibi
    • Aslı DERBENT ÖZKAN – 2023 Ödül Sahibi (Merhume)
    • Ali YAZICI - TBD Vice President
    • Serap KILIÇDOĞAN – TBD Etkinlik Koordinatörü
    • Atilla KAYALIOĞLU – TÜBİSAD Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi
    • Meltem BAĞDATLI – TÜBİSAD Genel Sekreteri
    • Elif GÜZEL – TÜBİSAD Proje ve Raporlama Yöneticisi