Establishment and Purpose

Turkic World Information Technologies Working Group

- In 1999, within TBD

- In 2000, in line with the request of the Minister of State, with the participation of experts from the public and private sectors at the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade,

between our country and the Turkic Republics

- Development of IT,

- Increased utilization of IT products and services,

- creating and disseminating a common informatics culture

- dissemination of a common informatics language,

- enhancing civil society dialogue ,

for the sake of the people.


Common Goal

Taking into account the contributions of regional and global unions formed in the world in the process of globalization to the development of international economic, social, cultural and commercial relations

- Conducting studies for the Turkic Republics,

- To ensure coordination with national and international organizations in our country and among the Turkic Republics,

- To strengthen economic and cultural ties through cooperation in the region where the Turkic Republics are located,

- To increase the welfare of the region by utilizing existing opportunities