TBD Afet Destek Masası Bilgilendirme

TBD Afet Destek Masası Bilgilendirme

On February 06, 2023, after two earthquakes, the "TBD Disaster Support Desk" was established and we would like to give information about its work.

Our first smart classroom was sent to the city of 350 containers established by ASO (Ankara Chamber of Industry) in the HATAY region with the cooperation of ASO (Ankara Chamber of Industry) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Our smart classroom, planned as "TBD Informatics House" on 42m2, was shipped to the region ready for service with its electricity, communication infrastructure, heating and sanitary installations completed in Ankara, with tables, chairs, cabinets, projectors and 10 computers.

We would like to thank our corporate organizations and members for their support for our first smart classroom.

In the continuation process:

  • We continue to cooperate with Aselsan and the relevant Ministries/Departments of the TRNC Government to increase the number of our smart classrooms and deliver them to our container cities.
  • In order to coordinate the individual support of TBD members and to make the voices of those in need heard, the 'TBD Disaster Solidarity Group' has been established on the WHATSAPP mobile application. Your participation in this platform is important. You can join the group from the link below.https://chat.whatsapp.com/GoTzum4dYdu1f4qvTKGVUA
  • In order to raise awareness, information posts describing the scale of the disaster were prepared in different languages and studies were carried out in many countries for individual and institutional sharing.
  • It was decided to start animation activities both locally and remotely to provide psychological support after the earthquake, with priority given to children.
  • A decision was taken to provide scholarships and educational support to students in the disaster zone, and an initiative was launched to contact universities abroad to transfer the proceeds of their social events (concerts, etc.) to this fund.
  • Negotiations are being held with universities to provide support trainings that will eliminate the educational inequality of our students who will be placed in our universities coming from our disaster zone.
  • In addition, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), of which we are a member, was contacted and work was initiated on the transfer of foreign funds to earthquake zones.
  • A team has been assigned to investigate the support and grants in this field, especially from the European Union, and work has been initiated to present projects that can support the region from the grants and funds that will be available.

Our members who have experience in this field can get in touch if they want to support.

Dear member, as the IT sector, your other contributions are important for our country and the earthquake victims. We care and expect your opinions and suggestions in this regard.

  1. We established it together with ASO,
  2. The container we are coordinating with the TRNC Government to establish,
  3. Negotiations with ASELSAN are ongoing and a tent city to be built together

Increasing the number of our Informatics House project within the framework of the opportunities we will have is among our most important goals. For this purpose, the in-kind and cash contributions of our esteemed members, as well as the contributions of the companies we have received support from so far, will be the main factor in achieving our goals. The contact channel and account information that can be used for our members who want to support in this regard to make donations in kind (Personal and Portable Computers, Tablets, Tables, Chairs, etc.) and in cash are presented below for your information.

We will continue to inform you periodically about the work carried out.

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